Masks & Mysteries #2

Masks & Mysteries #2
eBook: $0.99
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Series: Masks & Mysteries: 1936
Genres: Alt-History, Pulp Adventure
Publisher: Pulp Diction Press
Publication Year: 2017

Masks & Mysteries #2 continues "The Lure of the Lotus" and "Black Mask vs. the Fiend Factory," two thrilling adventures set in Empire City! Can the intrepid reporter and the avenging vigilante stop the alien threat to their beloved metropolis?

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About the Book

Welcome to Empire City, bigger than the Big Apple and rotten all the way to its core. In Empire City, the law will get you only as much justice as you can afford.

But when the law won’t bring justice, the outlaws must! Enter the various mystery men of Empire City. The mysterious Whisper, the avenging Black Mask, the Crimson Cloak, the golden Victory Crusader, and more! These men and women will strike at injustice from the shadows!

Masks & Mysteries is a monthly fiction magazine that publishes serialized stories of the vigilantes and heroes of Empire City. Created by master storytellers Daniel Swensen and Joshua Unruh, each issue is guaranteed to bring you thrilling tales to astonish in the style of the pulps.

Issue #2 continues the adventures of intrepid reporter Andrea Ashby, vigilante The Whisper, and avenging hero Black Mask!

About the Author
Daniel Swensen

Daniel Swensen grew up on a diet of trashy B-movies, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and EC comics. He's been a student, a disc jockey, a musician, a sandwich artist, a web developer, and a freelance writer. Like many walking, talking, writer cliches, he lives in the idyllic wilds of Montana with his wife and two cats. Actually, he lives in an apartment within walking distance of many conveniences, but he likes to believe he's roughing it. His first novel, Orison, was published by Nine Muse Press in 2014. He currently works as a freelance writer, writing about everything from technology to dog concierges.

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